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Cray XC

The Cray XC series is a distributed memory system developed as part of Cray’s participation in the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) High Productivity Computing System (HPCS) program. Previously codenamed “Cascade,” the Cray XC system is capable of sustained multi-petaflops performance and features a hybrid architecture combining multiple processor technologies, a high performance network and a high performance operating system and programming environment.

Specifically, the Cray XC network provides programmers with global access to all of the memory of their parallel application. The Cray-developed AriesTM1 interconnect provides substantial improvements on standard network performance metrics for high performance computing (HPC): bandwidth, latency, message rate and scalability. In addition, the Aries design addresses a key challenge in high performance networking — how to provide cost-effective, scalable global bandwidth. The network’s unique ability to efficiently execute complex global communication patterns broadens the range of applications that perform well on the system.

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