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With high-performance computing construction firms and architects have the tools to design more efficient, comfortable and safer buildings by subjecting prototypes to thorough robustness simulations, including detailed analysis of smoke hazard and countermeasures.

Breathtaking landmarks were built for thousands of years without any computers. But the situation has changed dramatically in terms of competition, regulations and environment. In today’s world, engineers and architects increasingly employ engineering simulation to enable the design of atria, auditoriums, buildings, stadiums and sports arenas to meet energy-efficiency and sustainability goals within strict project timelines. Engineering simulation software is used to create a virtual prototype of a building or interior space on a computer, and calculate the heating, cooling and ventilation performance or model any disaster it might experience during its life time to ensure a perfect building integrity. This virtual building design approach leads to the rapid investigation of alternative designs and a better understanding of the design elements that can improve building performance, and allows the design team to more easily explore innovative solutions while reducing their exposure to risk.
Engineering simulation helps architects and engineers determine the best designs for heating and air conditioning equipment, to analyze the performance of smoke management systems in the event of a fire and to ensure that the occupants are exposed to a desired level of thermal and moisture comfort. Building ventilation system designs that deliver indoor air quality, thermal comfort and energy efficiency can be better achieved through virtual building design.

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