Design Optimization for HPC Clusters

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Engineers face a perfect storm of design challenges. With embedded software and electronics now the foundation of most products, the stakes have been raised around innovation and increased complexity. tighter budgets and a stricter regulatory climate are dictating the need for smaller product envelopes and new material choices. engineers are tasked with these demands against a backdrop of fewer resources and shrinking time-to-market cycles.

Advanced simulation software can dramatically shorten the design  phase by allowing engineers to virtually optimize and validate new ideas earlier in the process, minimizing the expense of building physical prototypes and streamlining real-world testing.

While advanced simulation and visualization form the cornerstone of design optimization, hard- ware has been a bottleneck, particularly for smaller firms. Mid-sized companies and engineering departments within larger organizations have historically been shut out from traditional high performance computing (hpc) environments — the gold standard for advanced simulation — because of their cost and complexity. While increasingly powerful multi-core workstations set simulation and design optimization in motion, there are limitations from both a performance and workflow standpoint.

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