Drop Testing with Dell, Intel and Altair

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Drop Testing

Impact analysis or drop testing is one of the most important stages of product design and development, and software that can simulate this testing accurately yields dramatic cost and time-to-market benefits for manufacturers. Dell, Intel and Altair have collaborated to analyze a virtual drop test solution with integrated simulation and optimization analysis, delivering proven gains in speed and accuracy. With this solution, engineers can explore more design alternatives

for improved product robustness and reliability. As a result, manufacturers can significantly reduce the time to develop high-performing designs, improving product quality while minimizing time to delivery.

Drop test simulation software helps manufacturers by speeding up the time to test a product, enabling higher levels of design quality and reducing the need for physical testing. Such software replicates the complexity of the physical environment and materials, simulates the impact or drop event, and provides detailed technical information about how the product performs during this event.

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