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High Performance Computing

The developments that have taken place in high performance computing (HPC) over the decades can be described quite simply: Without Fujitsu research, the development of the supercomputer would have been quite different.

In the 1970s Fujitsu collaborated with its customers to fulfill many of mankind‘s dreams – in aerospace technology, meteorology and astronomy, environment and energy, or in various other fields of enterprise research. A milestone in this long history was undoubtedly the FACOM 230-75APU, the first supercomputer built in Japan by Fujitsu in 1977. Since then Fujitsu‘s commitment to high- performance computing has become a success story that still continues with remarkable achievements in scalar and vector computing as well as cluster architectures. Outstanding examples of Fujitsu’s development include the PRIMEPOWER HPC2500, the world’s fastest scalar computer launched in 2002, and the implementation of a Linux cluster in 2004 which was the most powerful of its kind in Japan at that time.

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