5 Ways to Elevate Your High Performance Computing Server Performance

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high performance computing server

High Performance Computing systems today sometimes demand a set of qualifiers. A system’s “high performance” claims may look impressive on paper. However, their real-world performance results can lag very far behind. A new white paper from Intel and HPE explores ways to elevate your high performance computing server performance.

This white paper considers five key barriers to achieving true high performance computing (HPC). Each barrier represents an obstacle that traditional approaches to HPC have never surmounted. Together, these five barriers represent substantial and often hidden losses and performance drains in HPC. To overcome these barriers requires the engineering resources and expertise of two of the world’s leading HPC manufacturers and providers, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Intel.

Working in collaboration, teams of engineers have now launched the tenth generation (Gen10) of the Apollo & ProLiant HPC servers. HPE’s Gen10 servers deliver full, real-world HPC performance that match theoretical, on-paper HPC expectations. HPE’s Gen10 servers, in other words, take a quantum leap toward full performance computing.

Download the white paper from Intel and HPE to find out how to hurtle some of the most common barriers to achieving high performance computing.

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