In-Memory Computing: Addressing Emerging Data-Intensive Use Cases

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As businesses everywhere struggle to keep up with – and strategically leverage – the massive amounts of data driving their organizations, more and more of them are turning to in-memory computing (IMC). IMC provides a way to store and process data in RAM that is distributed across clusters of computers. This high-performance architecture is rapidly becoming the method of choice for today’s big-data and fast-data applications.

Three key reasons are behind the growing movement toward in-memory computing: an explosion of data, heightened performance expectations, and in-memory data technology that keeps getting both better and more affordable.

The in-memory data revolution is far from over, as demand continues to spur further innovation in-memory computing technologies.

This white paper will examine the factors contributing to increased demand, the innovative directions in which the industry is heading over the next decade, and how the Apache Ignite and the GridGain platforms are leading the way toward the in-memory computing systems of tomorrow.

Download the new report from GridGain to get a handle on what's in store for the this market.

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