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OpenCB Platform

Within the life science industry we are seeing a widening omics / Moore’s law gap produced by the much faster rate of improvement and consequent price drop seen in omics technologies as compared to compute & data technologies. As time goes on this is leading to an omics analysis bottle neck which is not sustainable since most of the current hardware and software platforms are not designed to work with current large data volumes. This paper introduced development work being undertaken at Cambridge to create a new state of the art omics analysis hardware and software platform utilizing the open source software framework called OpenCB and new high performance hardware from Dell & Intel. With this new OpenCB omics analysis platform current
day high volume omics analysis problems become tractable. Such advancements in analytics platforms are vital in order to translate advances in population scale omics and medical informatics projects into personalized medicine technologies deployed in the clinic and finally realize a step change in human health that these technologies enable.

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