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IBM® Platform ComputingTM cluster, grid and high-performance computing (HPC) cloud management software can help transform your environment to deliver results better, faster and at less expense. IBM Platform Computing products are designed to save money by making an organization’s existing infrastructure work better.

Platform Computing products also save organizations money by reducing a variety of direct costs associated with grid and cluster computing. Your organization can slow the rate of infrastructure growth and reduce the costs of management, support, personnel and training—while also avoiding hidden or unexpected costs.

Platform LSF incorporates multiple scheduling models that can run concurrently on the same cluster. This means the infrastructure is kept
as busy as possible while ensuring critical business workloads are given priority. IBM Platform LSF and Platform HPC also help improve cluster efficiency through advanced workload management. By taking advantage of superior scheduling capabilities, your organization can better align cluster resources to business needs and achieve better levels of cluster utilization, allowing you to do more with less.

By ensuring workload reliability, Platform schedulers can guarantee that once started, jobs will run to completion, avoiding wasted cycles that can occur when a job needs to
be restarted due to a failed task or workflow component. If a job runs for several hours but fails before completion and needs to restart,
it represents wasted time and nonproductive work on the cluster. And as the failed job re-runs, other workloads may have to sit in queues—resulting in project delays. However, Platform LSF and Symphony have the ability to tolerate failures and recover jobs from where they left off. So work gets done faster and the cluster is more fully utilized.

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