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Recent developments in both hardware and software within the VDI and 3D graphics technology domains now make it possible for virtual machines to make full use of the 3D graphics card on server side and for this accelerated graphical desktop to be viewed on any remote client device . Whereas more traditional HPC and technical computing solutions based on Dell PowerEdge compute nodes driven by the powerful and energy-effiicient Intel® Xeon® processors provide an excellent platform to make compute power available to HPC users, this functionality is very useful within the scientific and technical computing domain since it can be used to greatly increase the productivity of scientists and engineers and other power users that need real time graphical access to the HPC systems and for downstream analysis of data within their workflow process .

This paper will look at how remote 3D virtual desktop technology can be applied in two usage modes within the scientific and technical computing arena . First, as an HPC remote visualisation platform deployed to provide real time graphical access to large scale data sets stored within the HPC data center . Second, to provide a full 3D capable virtual workstation solution as a replacement of traditional fixed under-desk workstation solutions .

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