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Since its beginnings in 1999 as a project at Carnegie Mellon University, Lustre, the high- performance parallel file system, has come a long, long way. Designed and always focusing
on performance and scalability, it is now part
of nearly every High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster on the’s list of fastest computers in the world—present in 70 percent of the top 100 and nine out of the top ten. That’s an achievement for any developer—or community of developers, in the case of Lustre—to be proud of.

Along the journey to be part of the top ten systems, Lustre has evolved, a necessity driven by both performance needs and enterprise interests and demands. While government and research institutions were the original
users of Lustre, it has made serious inroads
into enterprise markets, such as climate and meteorology, financial services, engineering and design, media, oil and gas, and pharmaceuticals. And now, with the democratization of HPC, enterprise interest continues to increase to use Lustre as a persistent file system. Thus, while
still focusing on performance and scalability, the developer community is responding with features and enhancements that meet enterprise IT expectations. The latest version of Lustre has added many of these features.

CTOs and IT departments have been talking
about convergence of scientific computing,
office automation and productivity, and High Performance Data Analytics (often called Big Data) for some time now. It takes a high-performance file system to simultaneously meet the needs of all these. Organizations are looking at and deploying Lustre as that file system, enabling convergence across corporate, scientific computing, and analytics.

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