Video Gallery: Women in HPC Workshop at ISC 2016


women in hpcWelcome to Video Gallery for the ISC 2016 Workshop: “Addressing the Gender Gap in HPC


Methods that work: Evidence-based advice on diversifying the HPC community, Video

Panel Session: Diversity in the Workplace, Video

Poster Lightning Talks

  • Advanced Internet of Things for Engineering, Miheala Apetroaie-Cristea, University of Southampton, Video
  • Hadoop on Rasberry Pi 2 Cluster, Julita Inca Chiroque, Callao’s University and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru, Video
  • Performance, Portability and Productivity for Room Acoustics Codes, Larisa Stoltzfus, University of Edinburgh, Video


  • Improving Diversity in the Workplace, Video
  • Career Development/Mentoring, Video