LUG 2015 Video Gallery

OpenSFS_EOFS_theme-banner_finalWelcome to the LUG 2015 Video Gallery


Day   1 – Monday, April 13
 Special Feature LUG 2015 Slide Show
Welcome Remarks and Lustre 101 Stephen Simms, LUG Program Chair, SlidesVideo
OpenSFS Update Charlie Carroll, Cray, Video
EOFS Update Hugo Falter, EOFS, Slides *  Video
Demo: Demo: Installing Lustre 2.7 via RPM Brian Andrus from the ITACS/Research Computing Naval Postgraduate School, Slides *  Video
Lustre Development Update Christoper Morrone
OpenSFS/LLNL, SlidesVideo
Lustre + Linux – Putting the House in Order James Simmons,
ORNL, SlidesVideo
Cray’s Storage History and Outlook – Lustre+ Jason Goodman
Cray, Slides * Video
From Lab to Enterprise – Growing the Lustre Ecosystem Malcolm Cowe
Intel, Slides * Video
SDSC’s Data Oasis Gen II: ZFS, 40GbE, and Replication Rick Wagner
San Diego Supercomputer Center, Slides *  Video
There and Back Again – The Battle of Lustre at LANL Kyle Lamb, Michael Masson, and Susan Coulter
LANL, Slides * Video
Seagate Lustre Update Peter Bojanic,
Seagate Technology, Video
Lustre & Kerberos: In Theory and In Practice Sebastien Buisson
Bull, Slides * Video
GSS Shared Key Update and Using UID Mapping in Lustre 2.7 Steve Simms
Indiana University, Slides * Video
ZFS *as Backend File System for Lustre* the Current Status, How to Optimize, Where to Improve Gabriele Paciucci
Intel, Slides * Video
Per User Lustre File Systems Leveraging ZFS Pools Marc Stearman
LLNL, Slides * Video
Day 2 – Tuesday, April 14
Lustre 2.8 and Beyond Andreas Dilger
Intel, Slides * Video
Progressive File Layouts John Hammond, Intel
Jason Hill, ORNL, Slides * Video
Intelligent Cache Hinting in Lustre Micah Bhakti
Intel, Slides * Video
Intel and Lustre: ­ Growth of Lustre Adoption and Intel’s Continued Commitment Brent Gorda
Intel, Slides * Video
Lustre HSM in the cloud Robert Read
Intel, Slides * Video
Application-optimized Lustre Solutions for Big-Data Workflows Robert Triendl
DDN, Slides * Video
Metadata Access Reduction and Analysis and Elimination of Client Evictions on a Large Scale Lustre Based File System Keiji Yamamoto, RIKEN AICS
Shinji Sumimoto, Fujitsu, Slides * Video
Lustre Network (LNET) Router Configuration and Tuning John Fragalla
Seagate Technology, Slides * Video
Towards continuous 24x7x365 production operation on a router-less 20 petabyte, 11,200 node cluster
Defending the Planet with Lustre: Your life could depend on it!
Bob Ciotti
NASA, Slides * Video
Lustre Metrics: New
Techniques for Monitoring Lustre
Scott Nolin, Andrew Wagner
UW Space Science and
Engineering Center, Slides * Video
New and Improved Lustre Performance Monitoring Tool Torben Kling Petersen
Seagate Technology, Slides * Video
Correlating Multiple TB of I/O Performance Data to User Jobs Michael Kluge
ZIH, Slides * Video
Monitoring a Heterogeneous Lustre environment Frédérick Lefebvre
Calcul Quebec –
Universite Laval, Slides * Video
Day 3 – Wednesday, April 15
Reliability of NVM devices for I/O acceleration on supercomputing systems Hitoshi Sato
Tokyo Institute of
Technology, Slides * Video
Scalability Testing of DNE2 in Lustre 2.7 Stephen Simms
Indiana University, Slides * Video
AM Break
Shared File Performance in Lustre: Challenges and Solutions Patrick Farrell
Cray, Slides * Video
OSD-Btrfs, a Novel Lustre OSD based on Btrfs Shuichi Ihara, Li Xi. DDN, Slides * Video
Deploying Hadoop on Lustre Storage: Lessons learned and best practices J.Mario Gallegos, Dell
Zhiqi Tao, Intel, Slides * Video
Understanding Hadoop Performance on Lustre Stephen Skory
Seagate Technology, Slides * Video