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At Virtual ISC: Ayar Labs and Optical I/O – Data at the Speed of Light

At Virtual ISC we chatted with Ayar Lab’s Hugo Saleh, VP of business development and marketing, about what he calls the coming revolution in HPC (and other compute- and data-intensive market segments) brought on by optical I/O. This technology replaces traditional electrical-based I/O, delivering 1000x improvement in interconnect bandwidth density at 10x lower power consumption, […]

At Virtual ISC: Atos Talks Its New ‘ThinkAI’ Offering

At virtual ISC, we interviewed Atos’ Eric Eppe, head of Solution Marketing, HPC, AI & Quantum Solution Marketing & Portfolio; and Cédric Bourrasset, AI Distinguished Expert, HPC & AI Sales Operation, to discuss Atos progress in the HPC and AI markets. In particular, we focused on Atos launch at ISC of its new ThinkAI offering […]

At Virtual ISC: Catching up with Gilad Shainer and Nvidia’s ‘Data Center on a Chip’

At virtual ISC 2021, we sat down with Gilad Shainer, Nvidia’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and a long time figure – with a background at high performance networking complany Mellanox, acquired two years ago by Nvidia – in the HPC community to update us on the company’s new supercomputing architecture, Cloud Native Supercomputing, along […]

At Virtual ISC 2021: Intel HPC Leader Trish Damkroger Talks ISC Highlights and the Virtuous HPC-AI Circle

At virtual ISC 2021, we talked with Trish Damkroger, Intel’s Vice President and General Manager, High Performance Computing about the state of HPC and Intel’s place in it. In this interview she discusses virtual activities the company will offer during the conference, profiles some of her favorite HPC customer case histories (think: Tazmanian devil) and […]

At Virtual ISC 2021: XTREME-D’s Plans to Expand its Supercomputing-as-a-Service Market Presence

At virtual ISC 2021, we sat down with supercomputing-as-a-service company XTREME-D, a venture-backed company founded in 2015 with the goal of making HPC cloud computing access easy, fast, efficient and economical. The company’s leadership team has 25 years of experience in HPC and cloud technologies, and two of them, Naoki Shibata (CEO/Chief HPC IaaS Architect) […]

At Virtual ISC 2021: Talking Cloud-based AI with VMware

At virtual ISC 2021, we sat down with Andrew Nielsen, VMware’s senior director of cloud migration and technical enablement, for a discussion about major trends driving growth in cloud-based AI as well as a technical and product update from VMware. “If you take the best parts of cloud, like modularity, elasticity, rapid deployment, and scalable […]

At Virtual ISC 2021: AMD Talks EPYC 7nm CPUs, Instinct GPUs, in HPC

At virtual ISC 2021, we sat down with Brock Taylor, AMD’s global HPC solutions director, to talk about the HPC community’s response to AMD’s launch last March of its EPYC 7003 Series 7nm CPUs and to its Radeon Instinct GPUs – including the implementation of both in exascale-class supercomputers to be installed at U.S. national […]

At Virtual ISC 2021: Catching up with High End Server Maker Inspur

At virtual ISC 2021, we sat down with Vangel Bojaxhi, high end server maker Inspur System’s global AI & HPC director. A five-year veteran of Inspur, Bojaxhi talked with us about the announcements the company will make at ISC as well as its latest customer case histories. On the announcement front, Inspur will announce a […]

At Virtual ISC 2021: Altair-AMD Collaboration Revs up Solvers with EPYC 7003 Chips

In this interview at virtual ISC 2021, Altair and AMD discuss their technology collaboration in which the performance of Altair applications, such as the RADIOSS finite element solver for linear and non-linear problems, is accelerated when run using AMD’s new EPYC 7003 Series 7nm CPUs, announced in March. “The EPYC in general (was developed) as […]

Supermicro’s New Line of AMD EPYC-based Systems: Addressing HPC Needs across the Spectrum

Supermicro recently launched its A+ line of systems based on AMD’s new EPYC 7nm microprocessors – products that include servers, storage, GPU-optimized, SuperBlade, and Multi-Node Twin Solutions designed, according to Vik Malyala, Supermicro’s Senior Vice President, FAE & Business Development, to exactly match system requirements for challenging enterprise workloads. In this interview, Malyala discusses the […]