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AWS Announces EC2 Bare Metal instances and C5D instances with local SSD Storage

HPC in the Cloud got a boost this week with this announcement of two updates to the Amazon EC2 instance family. EC2 Bare Metal instances provide customers’ applications with direct access to the processor and memory resources of the underlying server. C5D instances with local SSD storage are designed for applications that benefit from high-speed, ultra-low latency local storage, such as video encoding, manipulation, and other forms of media processing that often include large numbers of reads and writes to temporary storage.

Job of the Week: Application Programmer at UC San Diego

The University of California at San Diego is seeking an Applications Programmer in our Job of the Week. “The Applications Programmer will assist the Neurosciences IT Manager and business office IT team. Provides technical support and assists with the design, implementation and maintenance of all Neurosciences websites and applications, utilizing Windows Operating System, MacOS and web-connected relational database applications (DB2, MS-SQL, MySQL, and Access).”

Equus Compute Solutions Named Intel 2018 Cloud and HPC Data Center Specialist

Today Equus Compute Solutions announced that Intel has identified Equus as an Intel Platinum 2018 Technology Provider. Furthermore, Intel has distinguished Equus as both a Cloud Data Center Specialist and an HPC Data Center Specialist. These distinctions were earned based on Equus application specific platforms, solutions, and staff training in these areas. “We are honored to be a 2018 Intel Platinum Technology Partner. “said Costa Hasapopoulos, Equus President. “We are proud to offer our customers industry-leading data center solutions across a wide of range of industries and applications. In all of these applications, Equus customizes Intel-based white box servers and storage offerings to enable flexible software-defined infrastructures.”

Nimbix to Host the 2018 HPC Cloud Summit on June 6 in Silicon Valley

Today HPC Cloud provider Nimbix announced that their 2018 HPC Cloud Summit will take place June 6 in Silicon Valley. “We are bringing together the best and brightest minds in accelerated computing at the Computer History Museum, an institution dedicated to the preservation and celebration of computer history. Event sponsors include: Intel, Lenovo and Mellanox.”

Pawsey Centre adds NVIDIA Volta GPUs to its HPC Cloud

One year after launching its cloud service, Nimbus, the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre has now expanded with NVIDIA GPU nodes. The GPUs are currently being installed, so the Pawsey cloud team have begun a Call for Early Adopters. “Launched in mid-2017 as a free cloud service for researchers who require flexible access to high-performance computing resources, Nimbus consists of AMD Opteron CPUs making up 3000 cores and 288 terabytes of storage. Now, Pawsey will be expanding its cloud infrastructure from purely a CPU based system to include GPUs; providing a new set of functionalities for researchers.”

Red Hat’s AI Strategy

“The impact of AI will be visible in the software industry much sooner than the analog world, deeply affecting open source in general, as well as Red Hat, its ecosystem, and its userbase. This shift provides a huge opportunity for Red Hat to offer unique value to our customers. In this session, we’ll provide Red Hat’s general perspective on AI and how we are helping our customers benefit from AI.”

Ohio Supercomputer Center Upgrades HPC Access Portal

The Ohio Supercomputer Center has updated its innovative web-based portal for accessing high performance computing services. As part of this effort, OSC recently announced the release of Open OnDemand 1.3, the first version using its new RPM Package Manager, or Red Hat Package Manager, a common standard for distributing Linux software. “Our continuing development of Open OnDemand is aimed at making the package easier to use and more powerful at the same time,” said David Hudak, interim executive director of OSC. “Open OnDemand 1.3’s RPM Package Manager simplifies the installation and updating of OnDemand versions and enables OSC to do more releases more frequently.”

R-Systems to Launch PWRS HPC Access Portal

Today Parallel Works Inc. announced that the company is partnering with R-Systems to launch the PWRS HPC Access Portal. The Portal will empower scientists, engineers, and data analysts with the tools to supercharge their computational studies. “We deliver flexible solutions to meet our clients’ on-premise, off-premise or Hybrid HPC requirements. Our partnership with Parallel Works increases R Systems’ arsenal of solutions and proves once again that we offer more than cores to our clients.”

XTREME-D to Launch Gateway Appliance for Secure HPC Cloud Access

“XTREME-Stargate is a small set-top linux appliance that can easily connect to HPC cloud with basic setup over a web portal using the XTREME-DNA interface. It functions as a “super head node” for HPC cloud clusters, providing access to on-premise, private, and public cloud without integration headaches, and allowing connections to baremetal cloud (either shared or dedicated), in addition to the public cloud vendors such as Azure and AWS that have always been accessible via XTREME-DNA.”

Intel FPGAs Power Realtime AI in the Azure cloud

At the Microsoft Build conference held this week, Microsoft announced Azure Machine Learning Hardware Accelerated Models powered by Project Brainwave integrated with the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning SDK. In this configuration, customers gain access to industry-leading artificial intelligence inferencing performance for their models using Azure’s large-scale deployments of Intel FPGA (field programmable gate array) technology. “With today’s announcement, customers can now utilize Intel’s FPGA and Intel Xeon technologies to use Microsoft’s stream of AI breakthroughs on both the cloud and the edge.”