Agnostiq Partners With Nexgen Cloud’s Hyperstack Platform for Added GPU Capacity

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TORONTO — January 24, 2024 — Advanced computing startup Agnostiq, Inc. today announced the integration of NexGen Cloud’sHyperstack GPU compute resources into its Covalent Cloud offering. Covalent Cloud customers will now gain access to Hyperstack’s GPU hardware, including the NVIDIA H100, A100, L40, and more. This partnership increases the amount of GPU resources available in the Covalent Cloud platform, while expanding Hyperstack’s base of AI & Machine Learning users.
“In today’s rapidly evolving landscape of AI applications, on-demand access to high-performance GPUs is crucial for numerous clients, particularly startups striving to develop cutting-edge AI applications. Our collaboration with Hyperstack and its industry leading infrastructure empowers these innovators to create what was once considered unimaginable,” said Oktay Goktas, CEO at Agnostiq.
Covalent Cloud is uniquely positioned to help end-users gain access to scarce GPU resources by making more GPUs available on-demand, rather than forcing end-users to commit to multi-year contracts. Given Covalent Cloud’s highly extensible and distributed architecture, it can leverage the supply made available by specialized cloud providers such as Hyperstack, not only the major public clouds. Covalent Cloud complements these offerings by adding additional services such as serverless functions, workflow orchestration, multi-cloud compatibility and more, all with a single line of Python code.
The outsize requirement for GPUs that power generative AI applications has made it extremely difficult for all but the largest consumers to access premium GPU hardware. As a result, many companies have been left searching for alternatives to the major public cloud providers to support their GPU workloads. Hyperstack, NexGen Cloud’s GPU-as-a-Service offering has emerged as a leader among specialized cloud providers.
“We’re committed to democratizing accelerated computing access worldwide by creating a safer, greener, and more cost-effective cloud,” said Chris Starkey, CEO at NexGen Cloud, the company behind Hyperstack. “Our collaboration with Agnostiq combines top-tier hardware, ensuring capacity, availability, and user-friendliness, empowering the creation of groundbreaking AI applications. This marks a significant step towards fulfilling our mission.”