Energy efficiency drives HPC to the cloud

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The high-performance computing (HPC) market is witnessing a notable shift towards the cloud, partially driven by the benefits of enhanced energy efficiency.

According to Hyperion Research nearly every organization running HPC workloads is either already using or investigating the cloud to accelerate application performance, with the cloud market for HPC workloads forecast to reach $11.5 billion by 2026.

As new use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs) continue to emerge, the demand for high-performance computing resources increase. Combined with rising energy prices globally, HPC users are looking for ways to optimize HPC workloads, while keeping energy efficiency goals in mind.

As well as enhanced energy efficiency, moving HPC workloads to the cloud also offers:

  • Ability to scale compute capacity dynamically
  • Access to the latest GPU-accelerated computing
  • An optimized way of addressing the complexities associated with HPC workloads

In this whitepaper, Hyperion Research includes a technology spotlight on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and NVIDIA. Together, they help organizations overcome their current challenges and run HPC workloads on accelerated computing to run more workloads faster and increase energy efficiency.


  • The efficiency of AWS infrastructure powered by NVIDIA GPUs
  • How accelerated computing on AWS and NVIDIA can speed up simulations, model training, customization, and deployment
  • The potential to increase energy efficiency for HPC workloads across industries

Download the Hyperion Research whitepaper to learn more about energy efficient HPC in the cloud.


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