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HPC: A Growing Market Opportunity
High Performance Computing (HPC) today represents a $11 Billion market that is on rise. According to IDC, HPC continues to outpace other growth areas in IT and will continue to expand approximately 7 percent per year over the next five years.

insideHPC: High Performance Computing News that Matters
Since 2006, the team at insideHPC has provided ‘news without the noise’ for high performance computing professionals. With thousands of press releases vying for attention the of HPC influencers every year, we’ve chosen to focus on the news that matters, providing thoughtful analysis to help the HPC community leverage new technologies and demonstrate the value of their supercomputing programs.

Audience: HPC Professionals, Industry Influencers, and Decision Makers
Our readership surveys have shown that more than 75 percent of insideHPC readers are supercomputing users, the professionals that deal with this cutting edge technology every day. This audience includes:

  • Supercomputing center managers and community leaders
  • Senior corporate executives
  • Leaders of national federal programs
  • Computational scientists
  • System administrators and architects
  • Technical professionals in finance, business, science, and engineering

In short, people who use high performance computing to advance their organization’s mission each day.

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Let us show you how insideHPC can help you get your unfair share of the $11 Billion HPC Market

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