Exascale: Frontier Supercomputer Used in Molecular Dynamics Simulation of 2M Electrons

The exascale- class Frontier supercomputer set a new standard for calculating the number of atoms in a molecular dynamics simulation 1,000 times greater in size and speed than previous simulations of its kind, according to Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where the HPC system is housed. The simulation ….

Open Innovation AI and Nscale Partner for AI GPU Cloud Services

July 16, 2024 — Open Innovation AI, a GPU orchestration platform, and Nscale, an AI cloud service provider, today announced a partnership designed to deliver AI Cloud services and AI workloads at scale. This alliance will combine Nscale’s GPU infrastructure with Open Innovation AI’s end-to-end AI platform. The partnership aims to enhance the performance, scalability, […]

HPC News Bytes 20240715: AI Maturity ROI, OpenAI’s 5 Levels of AI, SoftBank Acquires Graphcore

Much has happened of late in the world of HPC-AI, here’s a quick (5:55) run through of the news, including: survey commissioned by Vultr points to AI maturity ROI, OpenAI proposes five levels of AI based on capability, SoftBank ….

HPE-Nvidia 6 AI Exaflops Supercomputer to Be Installed at AIST Research Organization in Japan

Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) research organization will integrate thousands of Nvidia H200 Tensor Core GPUs into its HPE-Cray ….

@HPCpodcast Industry View: Penguin Solutions on Getting AI Infrastructure Right

…. we dig into the design and deployment of AI infrastructures with Jonathan Ha of Penguin Solutions, who delivers a master class in AI at scale ….

HPC News Bytes 20240708: Low Yield Huawei AI Chip, AI ROI Questions, ASIC AI Chip

A good July morning to you! It was a short Fourth of July holiday week in the (U.S.) world of HPC-AI, here’s a rapid (6:04) run-down of news highlights: China’s SMIC wafer yields for Huawei AI chip yield to sanctions, Goldman joins generative AI ROI doubters, startup takes on Nvidia with special-purpose chip

Editor and Data Scientist Daniel Gutierrez on the Relaunch of insideAI News: Illuminating AI’s Frontiers

Last week, we announced that insideHPC’s sister publication, insideBIGDATA, has been relaunched and rebranded as insideAI News, reflecting the evolution of data analytics and data science into the broad-based application of artificial intelligence.

HPC News Bytes 20240701: Silicon Photonics Advance, CPU Thread Count War, Quantum Memory Advantage, Microsoft’s Undersea Data Center

A happy Fourth of July week to you! Here we offer a quick (5:56) run through recent HPC-AI news, including: An “important milestone” in silicon photonics, CPU thread count war heats up, quantum vs. classical HPC ….

Northern Data Group Announces It’s First CSP in Europe with Nvidia H200 GPUs 

Frankfurt/Main – 01 July 2024 – Northern Data Group, a provider of HPC solutions, today announces it has purchased NVIDIA H200 GPUs through a newly established partnership with Supermicro. Northern Data Group’s cloud platform, Taiga Cloud, will be the first cloud service provider (CSP) in Europe to offer access to the H200 GPU hardware, with […]

Lenovo Launches Expanded Portfolio of AI Solutions

Today, Lenovo unveiled an expanded portfolio of enterprise AI solutions designed to help companies develop and deploy AI with “turnkey services, business-ready vertical solutions and energy-efficient innovations ….