HPC News Bytes 20240401: A $100B AI Data Center, Eviden Says It’s Healthy, Alibaba’s RISC-V Chip, New Optical Interconnect Group, Nvidia Fights CUDA Translation

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Happy April Fool’s Day! It was as always an interesting week in the world of HPC-AI, this edition of HPC News Bytes includes commentary on:

– Microsoft and OpenAI’s plans to build a $100 billion-plus AI data center, featuring the “Stargate” AI supercomputer

– Eviden asserts that it is financially stable and growing, Atos’s financial woes notwithstanding

– Alibaba plans launch of RISC-V data center server chip

– Chip industry heavyweights among initial members of Linear Pluggable Optics Multi-Source Agreement group

– Nvidia’s fight against CUDA translation software, such as ZLUDA

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