Dr. Martin Roetteler to Lead IonQ’s Quantum Applications Team

COLLEGE PARK, MD – March 26, 2024 – Quantum computing company IonQ (NYSE: IONQ) today announced the addition of industry veteran Dr. Martin Roetteler as its new head of quantum applications. Roetteler will lead IonQ’s Quantum Applications development team, which identifies commercial applications of IonQ’s world-leading trapped ion quantum computing technologies and delivers business value […]

In-Memory Computing Could Be an AI Inference Breakthrough

[CONTRIBUTED THOUGHT PIECE] In-memory computing promises to revolutionize AI inference. Given the rapid adoption of generative AI, it makes sense to pursue a new approach to reduce cost and power consumption by bringing compute in memory and improving performance.

UCSD and CEA-Leti Paper: DC-DC Converter Unifies Power Switches on a Single Chip

SAN DIEGO and GRENOBLE, France – Feb. 20, 2024 – University of California San Diego and CEA-Leti scientists report they have developed a ground-breaking piezoelectric-based DC-DC converter that unifies all power switches onto a single chip to increase power density. This new power topology, which extends beyond existing topologies, blends the advantages of piezoelectric converters […]

HPC News Bytes 20240219: AI Safety and Governance, Running CUDA Apps on ROCm, DOE’s SLATE, New Advanced Chips

Happy President’s Day morning to everyone! Today’s HPC News Bytes races (6:22) around the HPC-AI landscape with comments on: developments in AI security and governance, running CUDA (NVIDIA) apps on ROCm (AMD), DOE’s Exascale Software Linear….

Quantum: PASQAL Announces New Chairman, Deputy CEO

PARIS – February 13, 2024 — PASQAL, a company focused on neutral atoms quantum computing, today announced the appointment of Wasiq Bokhari as chairman of its board of directors, the promotion of Loïc Henriet to Deputy CEO and the creation of separate hardware and software divisions. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial, investment and corporate […]

D-Wave Announces Availability of 1,200+ Qubit Advantage2 Prototype

PALO ALTO, Calif., BURNABY, B.C., — February 12, 2024 — Quantum computing company D-Wave Quantum Inc. (NYSE: QBTS) has announced that the 1,200+ qubit Advantage2 prototype is now available via the company’s Leap real-time quantum cloud service. Customers with Leap service subscriptions can access the new Advantage2 prototype today, and those new to the Leap service […]

Korea Quantum Computing and IBM Collaborate

BUSAN, South Korea, Jan. 29, 2024 — IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that Korea Quantum Computing (KQC) has engaged IBM to offer IBM’s AI software and infrastructure, as well as quantum computing services. KQC’s ecosystem of users will have access to IBM’s full stack solution for AI, including watsonx, an AI and data platform to train, tune […]

HPC News Bytes: Eni’s Monster HPE Supercomputer, Intel’s New Mexico Fab, NSF’s AI Research Resource, D-Wave and IonQ Quantum Advancements

A good January morning to you! It was an interesting week in HPC-AI, here’s a rapid (6:07) rundown of the latest doings, including: Italy energy giant Eni’s 600 PFLOPS HPE supercomputer, Intel opens….

@HPCpodcast: The State of Quantum with DOE’s Dr. Travis Humble

In this conversation, Dr. Humble discusses how quantum computing works, how far along toward commercial viability the technology is, how to sort through the various quantum modalities under development, quantum’s relationship with AI, the key….

IonQ Announces Quantum Technical Achievement a Year Ahead of Schedule

COLLEGE PARK, MD – January 25, 2024 – Quantum computing company IonQ (NYSE: IONQ) today announced that it hit its target technical milestone of 35 algorithmic qubits (#AQ) a year ahead of schedule. The company said this milestone was achieved on IonQ Forte and leveraged IonQ’s high-fidelity trapped ion qubits and all-to-all connected architecture. At […]