At ISC 2024: Chief Architect Kirk Bresniker on HPE’s Quantum – and Overall Heterogenous – Vision

At ISC 2024, we spoke with Kirk Bresniker, chief architect of Hewlett Packard Labs. Bresniker is closely involved in directing HPE’s supercomputing vision, and he provides a glimpse ….

DOE Announces $60-70M Quantum Information Science Funding Opportunity

May 9, 2024 — The DOE SC program in High Energy Physics (HEP) announced its interest in receiving interdisciplinary applications for open scientific research on Quantum Information Science (QIS) Enabled Discovery (QuantISED) to further the HEP mission to understand how the universe works at its most fundamental level. More about this opportunity can be found […]

Quantum: Photonic Adds to its Executive Management Team

VANCOUVER, May 2, 2024—Quantum in silicon company Photonic today announced it is adding to its executive leadership team in the areas of research and development, materials science, quantum technologies, marketing, human resources and legal. “Photonic has searched extensively for the right talent to help us achieve our ambitious goals. We are confident that, with these […]

Riverlane Wins DARPA Quantum Benchmarking Program Grant

April 17, 2024 — Quantum computing company Riverlane has been selected for Phase 2 of the Quantum Benchmarking program funded by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The aim of the program is to design key quantum computing metrics for practically relevant problems and estimate the required quantum and classical resources needed to reach […]

Exaion and PINQ² to Launch the HPC-Quantum Platform in Quebec

Montreal and Paris, April 12, 2024: Exaion, a Canadian subsidiary of the EDF Group (Électricité de France), a developer of digital service platforms aimed at eco-responsibility1, and  PINQ² (Québec Digital and Quantum Innovation Platform), a non-profit organization created by the Quebec government and the University of Sherbrooke, announced plans to launch by the end of […]

HPC News Bytes 20240408: Chips Ahoy! …and Quantum Error Rate Progress

A good April morning to you! Chips dominate the HPC-AI news landscape, which has become something of an industry commonplace of late, including: TSMC’s Arizona fab on schedule, the Dutch government makes a pitch to ASML, Intel foundry business’s losses, TSMC expands CoWoS capacity, SK hynix to investing in Indiana and Purdue, Quantinuum and Microsoft report 14,000 error-free instances

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Unveils IBM Quantum System One

TROY, NY, April 5, 2024 — Today, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and IBM unveiled the first IBM quantum computer on a university campus. Building on RPI’s bicentennial celebration of 200 years of firsts, the university said IBM Quantum System One will enhance educational and research opportunities for itself and other academic institutions and organizations across […]

Quantinuum and Microsoft Report 800x Lower Quantum Error Rate

Quantinuum and Microsoft report they have achieved a breakthrough in fault tolerant quantum computing “by demonstrating the most reliable logical qubits with active syndrome extraction, an achievement previously believed to be years away from realization,” the companies said.

Classiq and Quantum Intelligence Partner on Drug Development

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA and TEL AVIV, ISRAEL | April 04, 2024 — Quantum computing software company Classiq and Quantum Intelligence Corp. today announced the launch of joint research for drug development by applying quantum computing to pharmacology. The collaboration is under the auspices of Classiq’s Quantum Computing For Life Sciences & Healthcare Center, launched with NVIDIA […]

IQM Quantum Reports Benchmarks on 20-Qubit System 

Espoo, Finland, 20th February 2024 – IQM Quantum Computers  announced it has achieved its latest benchmarks measured on its 20-qubit quantum computer.   Among the system-level benchmarks IQM obtained:  Quantum Volume (QV) of 2^5=32  Circuit Layer Operations Per Second (CLOPS) of 2600  20-qubit GHZ state with fidelity greater than 0.5   Q-score of 11  Quantum volume (QV) is a benchmark that […]