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About insideHPC

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Founded on December 28, 2006, insideHPC is a blog that distills news and events in the world of HPC and presents them in bite-sized nuggets of helpfulness as a resource for supercomputing professionals. As one reader said, we’re sifting through all the news so you don’t have to!

If you would like to contact me with suggestions, comments, corrections, errors or new company announcements, please send me an email at Or you can send me mail at:

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Phone: (503) 877-5048


insideHPC is written and edited by crack supercomputing professionals with the help of readers and occasional contributors:

Rich Brueckner
President, insideHPC Media

Rich Brueckner

Rich Brueckner

Recently named as one of the Top 20 Big Data Influencers by Forbes Magazine, Rich Brueckner is a writer, story teller, publisher, and technology pundit focused on high performance computing. He acquired in 2010 and has since expanded his online publications to include insideBigData, inside-Startups, and The Exascale Report. With over 30 years of HPC experience at Cray Research, SGI, and Sun Microsystems, Rich is known to many in the industry as “the guy in the Red Hat.”

When he’s not working, Rich keeps  busy writing fiction, cartoons, and documentary films for charity. You can check out his stories: Angels of Silence, The Observer EffectThe Three Magi of Katrina, Seven Meals from Chaos, Friends of the Fallen, The Guardian’s End, and Ghosts of the Indian Herb. He has also penned some short film scripts including: Jigsaw Falling into Place and Bardo. In non-fiction, Rich contributed the Foreword to Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Dark Gravity, a book about the Big Bang by Dr. Stephen Perrenod. He also wrote the Foreword to 72 Beautiful Galaxies, an interactive iBook by Dr. Stephen Perrenod.

Rich lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

Kevin Normandeau
Publisher, insideHPC Media

Kevin Normandeau, Publisher

Kevin Normandeau, Publisher

Kevin brings over 20 years of publishing experience and is responsible for the business operations of insideHPC and insideBIGDATA. Working with sponsors and media partners he integrates valuable programs and resources for these online communities.

Prior to insideHPC Media, Kevin managed many successful online brands including Data Center Knowledge, Network World, AOL Computing Channel and PC World. When he is not working on websites Kevin and his family enjoy skiing, golf and a variety of outdoor activities. Kevin also volunteers his time to bring the beautiful game of soccer to kids, adults and special needs children in his community.

Ralph Wells
Contributing Editor, inside-HPC and inside-BigData

Ralph Wells joins the insideHPC editorial team as Associate Editor in 2010. Prior to that, Mr. Wells worked 11 years at The Oregonian, Portland, Oregon’s daily newspaper, where he focused on business and technology.

Dave Klein

Dave Klein has 20 years experience shooting everything! Starz, HBO, ABC, FOX etc… Tons of commercial and corporate clients as well. We are very happy to have him back at insideHPC!

Grant Peterson
Editor at-large

Grant Peterson is an assistant editor at HPC. His special event support keeps us on track during the busy SC conference season.

Justin Wayland
Editor at-large

Justin is a Production Assistant at HPC. He helps Rich keep it together when the cameras are rolling.

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InsideHPC Media has cross-publishing agreements with the following Media Partners:

logo-ubercloudThe UberCloud, an online community and marketplace where engineers and scientists discover, try, and buy Computing Power as a Service, from Clouds and even from Supercomputing Centers around the world. Engineers and scientists can explore and discuss how to use this computing power to solve their demanding problems.

urlScientific Computing World, the only global publication dedicated to the computing and information technology needs of professionals working in science, technology, engineering, and medicine. Published in print and electronic media, it covers all aspects of computing for engineering, science, technology and medicine.