Quantum Computing: What You Need to Know to Get Started

[SPONSORED GUEST ARTICLE]  Eviden’s approach to quantum computing involves developing a quantum emulator, Qaptiva™ solution, to focus on algorithm and application development for quantum processors. This allows industry and research ….

HPE-Nvidia 6 AI Exaflops Supercomputer to Be Installed at AIST Research Organization in Japan

Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) research organization will integrate thousands of Nvidia H200 Tensor Core GPUs into its HPE-Cray ….

Exascale: SUPERLU/STRUMPACK Solvers Get Frontier Upgrade

“Before (the Exascale Computing Project), both packages had very little support for GPUs. We could get some benefit from running on a single GPU, but without updating the code, even 10 GPUs wouldn’t make it run much faster. We had to redesign a lot of algorithms ….”

@HPCpodcast Industry View: Penguin Solutions on Getting AI Infrastructure Right

…. we dig into the design and deployment of AI infrastructures with Jonathan Ha of Penguin Solutions, who delivers a master class in AI at scale ….

HPC News Bytes 20240708: Low Yield Huawei AI Chip, AI ROI Questions, ASIC AI Chip

A good July morning to you! It was a short Fourth of July holiday week in the (U.S.) world of HPC-AI, here’s a rapid (6:04) run-down of news highlights: China’s SMIC wafer yields for Huawei AI chip yield to sanctions, Goldman joins generative AI ROI doubters, startup takes on Nvidia with special-purpose chip

Quantum vs. Classical HPC: Sandia Labs and Boston Univ. Challenge Conventional Wisdom that Speed Rules Supreme

Theoretical scientists at Sandia National Laboratories and Boston University say they have discovered that quantum computers are unrivaled at solving an advanced math problem. But the big advantage delivered by quantum ….

Neuromorphic Company Innatera Attracts $21M in Series A Funding

DELFT, NETHERLANDS, 27 June, 2024 — Neuromorphic processor company Innatera, a spin-off from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, has announced the oversubscription of its Series A funding round, securing capital totaling $21 million. This amount includes the initial Series A investment of $16 million that the company announced in March this year, […]

Lenovo Launches Expanded Portfolio of AI Solutions

Today, Lenovo unveiled an expanded portfolio of enterprise AI solutions designed to help companies develop and deploy AI with “turnkey services, business-ready vertical solutions and energy-efficient innovations ….

HPC News Bytes 20240624: GPU Price War?, Rectangular Chip Packaging, AI for Science Assistant, Big HPC-AI Systems Keep Coming

Good first-Monday-of-summer morning to you! Here’s a rapid (6:35) run-though recent HPC-AI news: GPU price war in the offing?; rectangular chip wafer design ….

CEA-Leti Announces Launch of FAMES Pilot Line As Part of EU Chips Act

GRENOBLE, France – June 24, 2024 – CEA-Leti announced the kick-off meeting today of the FAMES Pilot Line, a project aimed at advancing semiconductor technologies in Europe. This initiative aligns with the goals of the EU Chips Act, which seeks to bolster EU semiconductor capabilities and ensure technological sovereignty. The pilot line will develop five new sets […]