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Conventional Wisdom Watch: Matsuoka & Co. Take on 12 Myths of HPC

A group of HPC thinkers, including the estimable Satoshi Matsuoka of the RIKEN Center for Computational Science in Japan, have come together to challenge common lines of thought they say have become, to varying degrees, accepted wisdom in HPC. In a paper entitled “Myths and Legends of High-Performance Computing” appearing this week on the Arvix […]

Intel Launches 4th Gen Xeon Scalable Processors, Max Series CPUs and GPUs

Calling it a “pivotal moment” in its turnaround, Intel today made it official: the company launched its new and much-discussed 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors (“Sapphire Rapids”), the Xeon CPU Max Series (“Sapphire Rapids HBM”) and the Intel Data Center GPU Max Series (“Ponte Vecchio”). For HPC, Intel said the new chips “bring a […]

Intel Annouces Restructuring of Accelerated Computing Group, Koduri Named Chief Architect

Intel announced today a restructuring and leadership change of its AXG (Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group). The organization’s EVP, Raja Koduri, will take on the role of Intel Chief Architecture “to focus on our growing efforts across CPU, GPU and AI, and accelerating high priority technical programs.” In addition, the company is restructuring the […]

Catalyzing the Advancements in Genomics to Lower Barriers to Sustainable Innovation

In the 21st Century, if Big Data is used effectively in the health sector only, it can save 300 billion dollars per annum, as per the McKinsey Global Institute survey. Though the Genomic science is experiencing big data overload, its benefit to humanity of deciphering such big biological data sets using NGS technology makes it the ultimate use case in the coming era. 

Scientists Using Frontier Supercomputer Win 2022 Gordon Bell Prize, Another Frontier Team Named Prize Finalist

[SPONSORED CONTENT]   How many researchers can say they’ve not only run their scientific job on the AMD-powered Frontier supercomputer, the world’s no. 1 ranked HPC system and the first exascale-class machine, but also on Fugaku, Summit and Perlmutter, the world’s second-, fifh- and eighth-ranked HPC systems in the world, respectively? But that’s the case with an interntional group of researchers working on particle-in-cell simulations who have developed code that won….

NVIDIA Announces Market Adoption of H100 GPUs and Quantum-2 Infiniband, including by Microsoft Azure

SC22, Dallas — NVIDIA today announced broad adoption of its next-generation H100 Tensor Core GPUs and Quantum-2 InfiniBand, including new offerings on Microsoft Azure cloud and more than 50 new partner systems for accelerating scientific discovery. NVIDIA partners described the new offerings at SC22, where the company released  updates to its cuQuantum, CUDA and BlueField DOCA acceleration libraries, […]

AMD Announces GA of 4th Gen EPYC Processors

Today at an AMD event in San Francisco, the company announced the general availability of the 4th Gen AMD EPYC processors built on the “Zen 4” core for data center servers running compute-intensive workloads. AMD said the new EPYCs can provide up to 2.8X more performance than competing x86 chips with up to 54 percent […]

Overcoming Challenges to Deep Learning Infrastructure

With use cases like computer vision, natural language processing, predictive modeling, and much more, deep learning (DL) provides the kinds of far-reaching applications that change the way technology can impact human existence. The possibilities are limitless, and we’ve just scratched the surface of its potential. There are three significant obstacles for you to be aware of when designing a deep learning infrastructure: scalability, customizing for each workload, and optimizing workload performance.

Lenovo at SC22: Neptune™ Liquid Cooling Technology, HPC Servers Powered by New AMD, Intel and NVIDIA Chips, TruScale HPC-as-a-Service

[SPONSORED CONTENT]  Lenovo’s decade-long stream of advancements in liquid cooling technology for its HPC-class servers will be a focus of activity for the company at the SC22 conference (booth 1204) from Nov. 14-17 in Dallas.  The company also will be demonstrating new server platforms powered by the latest AMD, Intel and NVIDIA  processors, along with the company’s TruScale HPC-as-a-Service capabilities and other advanced computing developments.

Recent Results Show HBM Can Make CPUs the Desired Platform for AI and HPC

Third-party performance benchmarks show CPUs with HBM2e memory now have sufficient memory bandwidth and computational capabilities to match GPU performance on many HPC and AI workloads. Recent Intel and third-party benchmarks now provide hard evidence that the upcoming Intel® Xeon® processors codenamed Sapphire Rapids with high bandwidth memory (fast, high bandwidth HBM2e memory) and Intel® Advanced Matrix Extensions can match the performance of GPUs for many AI and HPC workloads.