Crusoe to Build 200MW AI Data Center, Then Expand at 1.2 GW Lancium Clean Campus

SAN FRANCISCO and Abilene, TX  — July 18, 2024 — Crusoe Energy Systems LLC announced it is building a 200 MW data center at the Lancium Clean Campus outside Abilene, Texas. Crusoe, a vertically-integrated AI infrastructure company, and Lancium, an energy technology and infrastructure company focused on the decarbonization and stability of the electric power grid, will […]

DOE and DARPA in Quantum Research Agreement

July 16, 2024 — The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to coordinate efforts to move the needle on quantum computing. The MOU establishes a framework for planning and coordinating future research, development, engineering, and test and evaluation activities related to quantum computing. Part […]

Pinecone Names Lauren Nemeth COO and Bob Muglia as Board Member 

NEW YORK, June 3, 2024 – Vector database AI company Pinecone today announced that Lauren Nemeth and Bob Muglia have joined the company as chief operating officer (COO) and board member, respectively. This comes as Pinecone celebrates its five-year anniversary and the GA of its flagship offering, Pinecone serverless, a vector database designed to make […]

Quantum: Photonic Demonstrates Distributed Entanglement between Modules

VANCOUVER, BC, May 30, 2024—Photonic Inc., a distributed quantum computing in silicon company, today announced what the company said is a milestone on the path to commercial quantum systems. While many existing quantum architectures achieve entanglement within modules, Photonic has demonstrated entanglement between modules. In this way, Photonic’s architecture provides a unique solution to one […]

Ultra Accelerator Link Group for Data Center AI Connectivity Formed: AMD, Broadcom, Cisco, Google, HPE, Intel, Meta and Microsoft

BEAVERTON, Ore.– AMD, Broadcom, Cisco, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Intel, Meta and Microsoft today announced they have aligned to develop a new industry standard dedicated to advancing high-speed and low latency communication for scale-up AI systems linking in data centers. Called the Ultra Accelerator Link (UALink), this initial group will define and establish an […]

Report: TSMC’s ASML Chip Machines Can Be Remotely Shut Down if China Invades Taiwan

An invasion of Taiwan by China is unthinkable in multiple ways: it could lead to a regional war between China, U.S. allies in southeastern Asia and possibly the U.S. itself. It would be tragic for the people of Taiwan. It would be ….

ClearML Announces AI Infrastructure Orchestration and Compute Management

May 17, 2024 — Open source AI platform company ClearML today announced the release of an AI orchestration and compute management capabilities, making it the first AI platform to support Kubernetes, Slurm, PBS and bare metal for seamless orchestration of AI and machine learning workloads. ClearML now offers the broadest support for AI and HPC workloads […]

JetCool Expands into European and Asian Markets

LITTLETON, Mass. – May 16, 2024 — JetCool, a liquid cooling company for AI-driven and high-density data centers, today announced its expansion into the European and Asian markets. This significant development is due in part to a collaboration with Dell Technologies and Unicom, combining Dell PowerEdge server technology with Unicom’s extensive service and support network, to facilitate […]

At ISC 2024: New Top500 List – Aurora Joins Frontier in Exascale HPC Club

At ISC 2024, Hamburg — Aurora, the Intel-HPE Cray problem-child supercomputer, has officially received the blessing of the Top500 organization as having surpassed the exascale (a billion billion calculations/second) milestone ….

IBM Launches Power Server for AI Workloads, Core-Cloud-Edge

Today IBM introduced the IBM Power S1012, a 1-socket, half-wide Power10 processor-based system that IBM said delivers up to 3X more performance per core versus Power S812. [2] It is available in a 2U rack-mounted or tower deskside form factor and is optimized for edge-level computing and  also delivers the lowest entry price point in […]