Xinnor and Versatus Partner on HPC and AI Storage Solutions

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Haifa, Israel and San Paulo, Brazil – April 23, 2024: Xinnor, a provider of high-performance software RAID solutions, and Versatus HPC, an advisor and integrator of high-performance computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in Brazil, today announced a partnership to deliver storage solutions in HPC and AI environments.

This offering is intended to:

  • Unlock thepotential of NVMe storage: xiRAID delivers near-native NVMe performance, allowing HPC users to leverage the fastest storage technology available.
  • Reduce costs and complexity: fast Software RAID eliminates the need for expensive hardware RAID controllers and enable more efficient RAID level deployment, offering a more cost-effective and flexible solution.
  • Achieve high availability and scalability: xiRAID’s advanced features ensure data redundancy, high availability with automatic failover, and seamless scaling to meet the growing demands of HPC and AI workloads.
  • Benefit from expert guidance: Versatus HPC’s proven experience in HPC deployments ensures seamless integration of xiRAID into existing and future infrastructures and provides ongoing support to maximize performance and reliability.

“We are excited to partner with Versatus HPC to deliver innovative and cost-effective storage solutions to the demanding HPC and AI market in South America,” said Davide Villa, Chief Revenue Officer, at Xinnor. “xiRAID’s unique capabilities, combined with Versatus HPC’s extensive expertise, will empower researchers, scientists, and engineers to achieve groundbreaking results.”

“At Versatus HPC, we are constantly seeking ways to deliver the best possible performance and value to our customers,” said Denis dos Anjos, Business Development Director at Versatus HPC. “Xinnor’s xiRAID offers a compelling solution to safely deploy high performance NVMe SSD that are more and more required by the evolving HPC and AI workloads, and we are confident that this partnership will benefit our customers significantly.”

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