Join the AMD HPC User Forum for an HPC Sync at ISC 2024

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Sponsored notice from AMD:

The AMD HPC User Forum is holding a technical workshop prior to ISC High Performance on Sunday, May 12th, 2024, from 8:00AM – 12:00PM in Hamburg, Germany. The event will cover the AMD Instinct™ MI300 Series products, as well as the ROCm™ stack for HPC and AI. Space is limited and the event is open to all who would like to join, so register to attend now.

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About the AMD HPC User Forum

The AMD HPC Forum is a community of customers and users of AMD-powered HPC systems, led by its members. The Forum provides a platform to members through sharing and collaboration, with exchanges of high-quality technical content, shared member experiences, and leveraging of best practices.

This forum allows members the opportunity to speak directly to AMD executives and AMD product development leaders, to influence future AMD HPC product and solution designs.

Not a member? The Forum is open to all AMD customers with an active AMD NDA. Join Now.

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