Riverlane Wins DARPA Quantum Benchmarking Program Grant

April 17, 2024 — Quantum computing company Riverlane has been selected for Phase 2 of the Quantum Benchmarking program funded by the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The aim of the program is to design key quantum computing metrics for practically relevant problems and estimate the required quantum and classical resources needed to reach […]

Riverlane and Rigetti Partner with Oak Ridge Lab on HPC-Quantum Integration

Riverlane and Rigetti Computing (Nasdaq: RGTI) today announced their participation in a project led by the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to explore the challenges of integrating a quantum computer with a large-scale, supercomputing centre.  Quantum computers will play an important role in the future of computing as they promise to solve problems […]

UK Researchers: Quantum Can Simulate Catalysts in Chemical Processes, Cut Environmental Impacts

Researchers from Riverlane quantum engineering company and sustainable technology company Johnson Matthey announced they have developed quantum algorithms to simulate the catalysts used in industrial chemical processes. The companies say their work may reduce the environmental impact of everything from fuel cells to petrochemicals and hydrogen production. The research was published in Physical Review Research last […]

Collaboration Reports Milestone for Neutral Atom Quantum Computing

BOULDER, CO, April 20, 2022 — ColdQuanta, Riverlane and the University of Wisconsin–Madison, today announced they have successfully run a quantum algorithm on a cold atom qubit array system, codenamed “AQuA,” which the three companies say is an industry first “that brings quantum computing one step closer to real world applications.” The milestone was conducted at the University of Wisconsin–Madison […]