Classiq and Quantum Intelligence Partner on Drug Development

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SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA and TEL AVIV, ISRAEL | April 04, 2024 — Quantum computing software company Classiq and Quantum Intelligence Corp. today announced the launch of joint research for drug development by applying quantum computing to pharmacology. The collaboration is under the auspices of Classiq’s Quantum Computing For Life Sciences & Healthcare Center, launched with NVIDIA last year.

This new partnership is dedicated to utilizing the Classiq platform to explore the use of quantum computing in pharmacology for predictive and analytical applications. This includes the discovery and design of novel drug candidates as well as the prediction of potential side effects and interactions. The partnership focuses on significantly enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of drug development by integrating Classiq’s quantum computing platform with QIC’s drug development platform.

“Quantum Intelligence diverges from the traditional route of biopharmaceutical companies, positioning itself more as a platform company powered by quantum and AI technology,” stated QIC’s CEO, Hwanho Choi, MD., PhD. “Through this unique collaborative approach, we aim to precisely identify potential side effects early on, reducing risks across all stages of drug development and clinical trials.”

QIC, a South Korean startup pioneering the QUEST-ADMET platform based on quantum computing and AI technologies, targets prediction of compound properties through electronic charge distribution algorithms, to efficiently assess therapeutic solution efficacy and safety of drug candidates.

Classiq offers a leading quantum development platform with unique technology enabling high-level abstraction that simplifies and accelerates development of efficient complex quantum software and applications. The Classiq platform’s built-in functions, GitHub repository and seamless execution on quantum computing hardware, will be key components in the research to develop pharmacology applications for research.

“This agreement marks a significant step towards a new era of accelerated drug development using quantum computing technology,” said Classiq’s CEO Nir Minerbi. “By combining Classiq’s quantum computing technology with QIC‘s drug development platform, we target significant improvements in the efficiency and accuracy of drug development.”

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