HPE-Nvidia 6 AI Exaflops Supercomputer to Be Installed at AIST Research Organization in Japan

Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) research organization will integrate thousands of Nvidia H200 Tensor Core GPUs into its HPE-Cray ….

HPC News Bytes 20240624: GPU Price War?, Rectangular Chip Packaging, AI for Science Assistant, Big HPC-AI Systems Keep Coming

Good first-Monday-of-summer morning to you! Here’s a rapid (6:35) run-though recent HPC-AI news: GPU price war in the offing?; rectangular chip wafer design ….

HPE’s $14B Acquisition of Juniper Networks under Review by UK Competition Authority

HPE’s planned $14 billion acquisition of Juniper Networks, announced in January, has run into a potential snag: the UK government’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is investigating the deal ….

ACM Announces Awards in AI, Graph Processing, OS Software and Internet Privacy

New York, June 18, 2024 – ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery, today announced the recipients of four technical awards. They are: David Blei, Columbia University, receives the ACM – AAAI Allen Newell Award. Blei is recognized for significant contributions to machine learning, information retrieval, and statistics. His signature accomplishment is in the machine learning […]

Nvidia AI Computing by HPE Portfolio Announced for Generative AI

On a day that saw Nvidia climb over Microsoft as the most valuable U.S. company measured by stock valuation, Nvidia and Hewlett Packard Enterprise today announced Nvidia AI Computing by HPE, a portfolio of ….

HPE and Danfoss Partner on Data Center Energy Consumption

Las Vegas – June 18, 2024 –  Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE) and Danfoss today announced a collaboration to deliver HPE IT Sustainability Services – Data Center Heat Recovery, an off-the shelf heat recovery module, helping organizations manage and value excess1 heat as they transition towards more sustainable IT facilities. The rapid integration of AI technologies across organizations […]

Pete Ungaro Named to Simr Board

LOS ALTOS, Calif., June 6, 2024 — Simr, formerly known as UberCloud, which provides a platform for using compute resources with simulation tools, today announced the appointment of Peter Ungaro, former President and CEO of Cray Inc. and senior executive at HPE, to its board of directors. Ungaro joins Ali Kutay, chairman and CEO at Striim, Salil […]

Ultra Accelerator Link Group for Data Center AI Connectivity Formed: AMD, Broadcom, Cisco, Google, HPE, Intel, Meta and Microsoft

BEAVERTON, Ore.– AMD, Broadcom, Cisco, Google, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Intel, Meta and Microsoft today announced they have aligned to develop a new industry standard dedicated to advancing high-speed and low latency communication for scale-up AI systems linking in data centers. Called the Ultra Accelerator Link (UALink), this initial group will define and establish an […]

Classiq and HPE Collaborate on Quantum-HPC Integration

Not until the ISC 2024 conference earlier this month had we heard that HPE is active in quantum computing — since then, we’ve heard they’re active in two ways. Today, quantum software company Classiq announced it has developed a method for solving ….

IBM, HPE and Quantum Corp. Report LTO Tape Capacity Shipments Grew 3.14% in 2023  

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., May 21, 2024 – The LTO Program Technology Provider Companies (TPCs), Hewlett Packard Enterprise , International Business Machines Corporation and Quantum Corporation, today released their annual tape media shipment report, detailing year-over-year shipments through the fourth quarter of 2023. The report reveals a record 152.9 exabytes (EB) of total tape capacity (compressed) shipped in 2023, with a […]