GPU-powered HPC Workloads in the Cloud with AWS and NVIDIA

[SPONSORED GUEST ARTICLE] Across industries cloud-based high performance computing (HPC) is on the rise. Find out from AWS and NVIDIA how GPU-accelerated compute is helping organizations run more HPC workloads and AI/ML jobs faster, in a more energy-efficient way.

Federated GPU Infrastructure for AI Workflows

[Sponsored Guest Article] With the explosion of use cases such as Generative AI and ML Ops driving tremendous demand for the most advanced GPUs and accelerated computing platforms, there’s never been a better time to explore the “as-a-service” model to help get started quickly.  What could take months of shipping delays and massive CapEx investments can be yours on demand….

At ISC 2023: AWS’s Debra Goldfarb Talks Cloud HPC Growth and the Fight against Global Food Insecurity

At ISC 2023, we spoke with Debra Goldfarb, director, HPC Products and Strategy at Amazon Web Services. As part of the conference’s “HPC Solutions Forum” series, Goldfarb delivered a presentation on “Harnessing the Power of HPC to Bend the Curve on Global Food Insecurity” in which she reviewed the scale of the problem (800 million […]