Federated GPU Infrastructure for AI Workflows

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AI-as-a-Service: the Challenge and Benefit 

[Sponsored Guest Article]  With the explosion of use cases such as Generative AI and ML Ops driving tremendous demand for the most advanced GPUs and accelerated computing platforms, there’s never been a better time to explore the “as-a-service” model to help get started quickly.  What could take months of shipping delays and massive CapEx investments can be yours on demand almost immediately, with convenient pay-as-you-go OpEx terms.  What’s more, choosing a platform like the Nimbix Supercomputing Suite gives you unparalleled flexibility to seamlessly move workloads between private/on-premises and cloud infrastructure to maximize efficiency as you scale without having to reinvent the wheel each time.

Leo Reiter, CTO, HPC Cloud, Eviden

In addition to the industry-leading ease-of-use and accessibility of Nimbix Elastic, Nimbix Federated, also part of Eviden’s advanced computing cloud offerings, gives you the ability to consume a wide variety of infrastructure from a “single pane of glass”, with control over both compute and data locality throughout your organization.  Whether it’s multiple public cloud providers, regional operators, private datacenters, or a combination of all the above, Nimbix Federated allows customers to seamlessly navigate the complex ecosystem of algorithms and datasets across an entire Enterprise AI strategy, while vastly simplifying the end-user experience at the same time.

Enable AI-as-a-Service 

There are three key reasons to choose federated capabilities in your AI as-a-service strategy:

  1. Cost: workload mobility across different providers, whether public or private, ensures that you can drive maximum efficiency for all aspects of AI-as-a-service.  For example, certain providers may offer superior price/performance of infrastructure for training convolutional neural networks or large language models (LLM), while others could be more cost-effective for inference or generative use cases.  Being able to control the entire pipeline with the same platform ensures a consistent and compliant user experience even when splitting different steps of the workflow across multiple providers.
  2. Data Sovereignty: Local, regional, and/or international regulations may require data to be processed in specific geographies or with specific governance and certifications.  Global organizations benefit from ensuring users and algorithms access the right data sets in the right place, without having to engineer new mechanisms or develop new applications specifically for each scenario.
  3. Sustainability: organizations prioritizing decarbonization benefit from alignment with like-minded advanced-computing providers.  For example, Escher Cloud, a Nimbix Federated partner in Europe, leverages renewable energy to power infrastructure and performs heat capture to further lower the carbon footprint of facilities and areas surrounding their data centers.  Using Nimbix Federated, users can easily target providers such as Escher Cloud to ensure their own AI workloads run as sustainably and efficiently as possible. Furthermore, AI, as a rapidly emerging technology, is poised for significant evolution in the years to come. The ‘As-a-Service’ model will enable organizations to safeguard their investments and harness cutting-edge technologies without the need to refresh expensive physical infrastructure to do so.

In today’s complex, multi-geographical computing landscapes, having the ability to deploy applications across any infrastructure targets is key.  Given how AI is emerging as a key feature of information technology, these use cases are no different.  Working with a platform that can aggregate and federate advanced computing across an entire topology and deliver a seamless, “as-a-service” user experience is key to accelerating compliant, cost-effective, and sustainable Enterprise AI strategy.  Nimbix Federated, along with Eviden’s global infrastructure partners makes this possible today.

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