Groq Acquires Definitive Intelligence to Launch GroqCloud

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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.March 1, 2024 — AI technology company Groq has acquired Definitive Intelligence to launch GroqCloud, “a new developer playground with fully integrated documentation, code samples, and self-serve access.”

Definitive Intelligence Co-founder and CEO Sunny Madra will lead the new GroqCloud business unit with the goal of expanding access to the Groq LPU Inference Engine via GroqCloud, which is available now at

Groq said the Definitive Intelligence team is working with Groq to build GroqCloud, which is designed to ease access to the Groq LPU Inference Engine via the self-serve playground and helps customers deploy new generative AI applications. Since its soft launch on February 19, GroqCloud has attracted developers using the Groq API. Madra and the GroqCloud team will initially focus on expanding capacity, improving efficiency, forming partnerships, and building out the developer platform.

“At Groq, we’re committed to creating an AI economy that’s accessible and affordable for anyone with a brilliant idea,” said Groq Founder and CEO Jonathan Ross. “We’re excited to welcome Sunny and his team from Definitive Intelligence to help us achieve this mission. As a serial entrepreneur and go-to person for the latest in AI, Sunny’s podcast reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners weekly while he showcases the latest developments in the field. The Definitive team has expertise in AI solutions and go-to-market strategies, as well as a proven dedication to sharing knowledge with the community. They are the perfect fit to lead our GroqCloud business unit. Together, we will empower developers to leverage GroqCloud services to help accelerate the development of AI.”

“The world is just now realizing how important high-speed inference is to generative AI,” said Madra. “At Groq, we’re giving developers the speed, low latency, and efficiency they need to deliver on the generative AI promise. I have been a big fan of Groq since I first met Jonathan in 2016 and I am thrilled to join him and the Groq team in their quest to bring the fastest inference engine to the world.”

In addition to the GroqCloud business unit, the infusion of engineering resources from Definitive Intelligence has enabled Groq to formalize a Groq Systems business unit, which will focus on innovation and serve the public sector and customers that require Groq hardware for AI compute centers.

“Separating GroqCloud and Groq Systems into two business units will enable Groq to continue to innovate at a rapid clip, accelerate inference, and lead the AI chip race, while the legacy providers and other big names in AI are still trying to build a chip that can compete with our LPU,” added Ross.