At SC23: Achronix Talks Turnkey FPGA Solutions for Generative AI

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We caught up with Achronix at SC23, the FPGA company that touts its turnkey solutions for generative AI workloads – automatic speech recognition in particular. Achronix Director of Product Marketing Ron Renwick walked us through the company’s solution strategy while making the case that FPGA-based genAI applications run faster than GPUs at significantly lower cost.

Built for call centers, Renwick told us a single Achronix server, powered by Speedster7t’s, can handle up to 1,200 concurrent streams, which means it handles 1,200 phone calls simultaneously. He also discussed Achronix’s SmartNIC network acceleration technology. The company’s Accelerated Network Infrastructure Code (ANIC), powered by Speedster7t’s, is a suite of flexible FPGA IP blocks optimized to accelerate high-performance networking pipelines and supports 400 GbE and PCIe Gen 5.0.