At GTC 2024: Liqid UltraStack Servers with up to 20 NVIDIA GPUs

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At GTC 2024 we caught up with Sumit Puri, co-founder of composable computing company Liqid, to discuss the company’s GPU-power UltraStack, which he said transforms 2U servers into high-density GPU systems powered by NVIDIA L40S GPUs.

HPC and AI workloads’ insatiable demand for compute power are outstripping the capabilities of traditional servers, which are typically limited to between four and eight GPUs. And lack of GPU availability only exacerbate the challenge. But as Puri explains in this video, Liqid UltraStack represents a shift in server design, making 2U servers into high-density GPU systems, supporting up to 20 NVIDIA L40S GPUs, which are more readily available.

He said Liqid has designed the UltraStack around Dell Technologies PowerEdge R760 & R7625 servers, in standalone and cluster-ready solutions.

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