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OpenFabrics Workshop 2017 Video Gallery

Welcome to the OpenFabrics Workshop 2017 

Download the Abstracts (PDF)

  • Exascale Computing Project – Driving a HUGE Change in a Changing World, Al Geist, ORNL, Video * Slides
  • Welcome and Opening, Susan Coulter, OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA), Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), Video
  • OpenFabrics Alliance Honors Jim Ryan, Video * Slides
  • Challenges Faced Building an Enterprise Block Storage App on top of the OFED Stack, Jeetendra Sonar, IBM; Tej Parkash, IBM; Subhojit Roy, IBM, Video * Slides
  • Ceph RDMA Support, Haomai Wang, XSKY; Oren Duer, Mellanox Technologies; Adir Lev, Mellanox Technologies; Liran Liss, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides
  • VMware Paravirtual RDMA Developer Perspective, Adit Ranadive, VMware; Shelley Gong, VMware; Jorgen Hansen, VMware; Aditya Sarwade, VMware; Josh Simons, VMware; Bryan Tan, VMware; George Zhang, VMware; Na Zhang, VMware, Video * Slides
  • State of the Alliance, Susan Coulter, OFA, LANL, Video * Slides
  • Asynchronous Peer-to-Peer Device Communication, Leon Romanovsky, Mellanox Technologies; Feras Daoud, Mellanox Technologies; Liran Liss, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides
  • HPC Meets Big Data: Accelerating Hadoop, Spark, and Memcached with HPC Technologies, Dhabaleswar Panda, The Ohio State University, Video * Slides
  • Accelerating Apache Spark with RDMA, Yuval Degani, Mellanox Technologies; Liran Liss, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides
  • Crail: A Hi-Perf I/O Architecture for the Apache Data Processing Ecosystem, Bernard Metzler, IBM Research; Nikolas Ioannou, IBM Research; Ioannis Koltsidas, IBM Research; Jonas Pfefferle, IBM Research; Radu Stoica, IBM Research; Patrick Stuedi, IBM Research; Animesh Trivedi, IBM Research, Video not available * Slides
  • Performance of a Task-Parallel PGAS Programming Model using OpenSHMEM and UCX, Max Grossman, Rice University; Zoran Budimlic, Rice University; Nathan Graham, LANL; Howard Pritchard, LANL; Vivek Sarkar, Rice University, Video * Slides
  • Recent Topics in the IBTA, and a Look Ahead, Bill Magro, InfiniBand Trade Association (IBTA), Intel, Video * Slides
  • Extended Memory Windows, Tzahi Oved, Mellanox Technologies; Liran Liss, Mellanox Technologies; Alex Margolin, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides
  • InfiniBand Virtualization, Liran Liss, IBTA, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides
  • urdma: RDMA Verbs over DPDK (Data Plane Development Kit), Patrick MacArthur, University of New Hampshire, Video * Slides
  • Omni-Path Status, Upstreaming and Ongoing Work, Todd Rimmer, Intel, Video * Slides
  • RDMA on ARM, Pavel Shamis, ARM Research, Video * Slides
  • Objects over RDMA, Jeff Inman, LANL; Garrett Ransom, LANL; Will Vining, LANL, Video * Slides
  • Lustre Network (LNET) Health, Amir Shehata, Intel, Video * Slides
  • RDMA Subsystem Issues and the Core Linux Kernel, Christoph Lameter, Jump Trading LLC, Video * Slides
  • Linux NFS/RDMA 2017 Roadmap, Chuck Lever, Oracle, Video * Slides
  • The Linux SoftRoCE Driver, Liran Liss, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides
  • The RDMA Kernel ABI Framework, Matan Barak, Mellanox Technologies; Liran Liss, Mellanox Technologies, Video not available * Slides
  • Omni-Path HFI Virtual Network Interface Controller, Niranjana Vishwanathapura, Intel, Video * Slides
  • Advancing Open Fabrics Interfaces, Sean Hefty, Intel, Video * Slides
  • RDMA-core Community Collaboration, Jason Gunthorpe, Obsidian Research, Video * Slides
  • IPoIB Acceleration, Tzahi Oved, Mellanox Technologies; Rony Efraim, Mellanox Technologies; Liran Liss, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides
  • Packet Processing Verbs for Ethernet and IPoIB, Tzahi Oved, Mellanox Technologies; Alex Rosenbaum, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides
  • Annual General Meeting, Susan Coulter, OFA, LANL, Video not available
  • CCIX, Gen-Z, OpenCAPI: A Comparison, Brad Benton, AMD, Video * Slides
  • Gen-Z – An Overview and Use Cases, Greg Casey, Dell EMC; Kurtis Bowman, Dell, Video * Slides
  • Designing MPI and PGAS Libraries for Exascale Systems: The MVAPICH2 Approach, Dhabaleswar Panda, OSU, Video * Slides
  • Building Efficient HPC Clouds with MVAPICH2 and RDMA-Hadoop over SR-IOV IB Clusters, Xiaoyi Lu, OSU; Dhabaleswar Panda, OSU, Video * Slides
  • Advanced PGAS-centric Usage of the OpenFabrics Interface (OFI), Erik Paulson, Intel Corp.; Kayla Seager, Intel Corp.; Sayantan Sur, Intel, Video * Slides
  • Interoperability Working Group Update, Bob Noseworthy, UNH Video * Slides ;
  • CANDI Update (Compliance and Interoperability). Paul Grun, Cray, Inc.; Robert D. Russell, UNH-IOL, Video * Slides

  • Host-based InfiniBand Network Fabric Monitoring, Michael Aguilar, Sandia National Laboratories (SNL); James Brandt, SNL; Douglas Pase, SNL, Video * Slides
  • Managing Individual Nodes in Large Fabrics, Ira Weiny, Intel, Video * Slides
  • Fabric Performance Management and Monitoring, Todd Rimmer, Intel, Video * Slides
  • Omni-Path Fabric Topologies and Routing, Renae Weber, Intel, Video * Slides
  • Using Sandia’s LDMS for IB Fabric Analyses, especially of LNET Router Behavior, Serge Polevitzky, SNL, Video * Slides
  • Ubiquitous RoCE, Alex Shpiner, Mellanox Technologies; Liran Liss, Mellanox Technologies; Eitan Zahavi, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides
  • On-Demand Paging in Practice, Liran Liss, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides
  • User Verbs Extensions for Scaled Performance with Shared Memory, Santosh Shilimkar, Oracle; Sumanta Chatterjee, Oracle; Avneesh Pant, Oracle, Video * Slides
  • Town Hall, Susan Coulter, OFA, LANL, Video not available
  • Use Cases for Raw Ethernet Queue Pairs, Christoph Lameter, Jump Trading LLC, Video * Slides
  • Validating RoCEv2 for Production Deployment in the Cloud Datacenter, Sowmini Varadhan, Oracle; Santosh Shilimkar, Oracle, Video * Slides
  • Tera’s Data Network: From Storage Cluster to Multi-purpose IB EDR Network, Jérôme David, Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique, Video * Slides
  • Deploying OFS Technology in the Wild: A Case Study, Susan Coulter, LANL, Video * Slides
  • Remote Persistent Memory Access – Workload Scenarios and RDMA Semantics, Tom Talpey, Microsoft, Video * Slides
  • NVM-aware RDMA-Based Communication and I/O Schemes for High-Perf Big Data Analytics, Xiaoyi Lu, OSU; Dhabaleswar Panda, OSU, Video * Slides
  • Experiences with NVMe over Fabrics, Parav Pandit, Mellanox Technologies; LMax Gurtovoy, Mellanox Technologies; iran Liss, Mellanox Technologies, Video * Slides
  • Closing Remarks, Summary, Town Hall Results, Susan Coulter, OFA, LANL, Video