HOPL-III conference: Programming Language History

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There ought to be a lot of great new ideas to hear about at the upcoming ACM FCRC mega-conference, June 8-16 in San Diego – it includes SIGMETRICS (performance evaluation) and ISCA (computer architecture) – but if you’re also interested in history, there’s a special treat: the third installment of the History of Programming Languages (HOPL) conference. It’s a rare opportunity to hear from language designers about their creations in hindsight. HOPL was previously held in 1978 and 1993.

This year’s lineup has a couple of talks that should be interesting to HPC folks – “The rise and fall of High Performance Fortran: an historical object lesson” by Ken Kennedy, Charles Koelbel, and Hans Zima, and “The design and development of ZPL by Lawrence Snyder.

There’s also a panel that ends the conference, on “Programming Language Paradigms: Past, Present, and Future”, and since Kathy Yelick is on the panel, we can expect to hear about Titanium and the DARPA HPCS project.