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DICE Program Award Selects Obsidian Research

Obsidian ResearchObsidian Research has announced that its Longbow XR product line has been selected for a Data Intensive Compute Project [DICE] in researching long-haul Infiniband technologies. Professor DK Panda from Ohio State University [of MVAPICH fame] in conjunction with the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will perform the study.

This DICE project is an ideal opportunity to investigate the application-level performance of complex and extensive multi-vendor environments when leveraging wide area InfiniBand,” said Prof. DK Panda of Ohio State University. “In particular, the system-level response to optical time-of-flight latencies across the WAN will be studied across a variety of equipment and higher level communications protocols.”

The first phase of the study will focus on testing utilizing the Longbow XR as a means by which to transfer large amounts of data across a wide area network [WAN]. The second phase of the study will consist of testing the performance of grid computing problems using low-latency Infiniband RDMA capabilities over the WAN.

Now, if we could figure out a way to get iTunes to support RDMA.

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