Voltaire and Cluster Resources Collaborate

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Voltaire and Cluster Resources announce a collaborative relationship.

Voltaire logo“By integrating Voltaire’s GridVision Enterprise software with Cluster Resources’ Moab scheduler and orchestrator, we have created a powerful provisioning and management solution for unified server and storage fabrics,” said Yaron Haviv, Chief Technology Officer, Voltaire. “As part of this solution, Moab determines when application resources are needed and in what capacity, based on requests, policy and workload, and instructs GridVision Enterprise — which acts as the resource manager — to create, virtualize, re-allocate or alter the infrastructure.”

SC|07 Demonstration and Presentation

Voltaire will demonstrate the solution in its technology showcase in booth # 1137 at the Supercomputing 07 show in Reno, Nevada from November 12 — 15, 2007. The solution will also be presented by Voltaire’s CTO, Yaron Haviv, in a session entitled, “Managing Network and Storage Infrastructure as an Application Resource” on Tuesday, November 13, 2007 at 4:00 pm in room A7.