The 411: Cluster Resources

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Cluster Resources develops workload and resource management software including the Moab Cluster Suite, Moab Grid Suite, and Maui Scheduler. Here’s the 4-1-1.

Who: Incorporated in 2001, Cluster Resources, Inc. began initial development in the mid-1990s by the founders of the company under the name Supercluster Development Group. Before it became Cluster Resources, The Supercluster Development Group created the Maui scheduler and maintained & developed the open source Torque Resource Manager.

What: Moab Cluster SuiteMoab Grid Suite,® and Moab Utility / Hosting Suite™, Moab Cluster Builder an integrated out-of-the-box cluster deployment and management solution based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10. Cluster Resources also enables you to create dynamic hybrid environments through a policy set of dynamic triggers that provision resources on the fly.

Why (you care): Four of the top ten of the world’s most powerful clusters/super-computers, including the #1 world’s fastest supercomputer, license Moab to manage their workload (November 2007 Top500 list). The Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration’s Advanced Simulation and Computing Program standardized on Moab workload and resource management software across NNSA’s high-performance computing systems. This includes the Los Alamos National Labs Roadrunner system, Oak Ridge National Labs Cray XT3 Jaguar cluster and NERSC Franklin Cray XT4 system. Moab is the only meta scheduler that can effectively schedule and control jobs on multiple resource managers including Torque, PBSPro, LSF, LoadLeveler, SGE and Microsoft Job Scheduler out of the box. Through utilizing Moab’s policy sets resources (network, storage, licenses, operating systems, clusters, databases, cooling) can be dynamically changed on the fly to meet workload demands. Moab provides a single point of job submission and management over cluster and grid environments over multiple resource managers.

When: Moab Cluster SuiteMoab Grid Suite,® and Moab Utility / Hosting Suite™are available now. Moab Cluster Builder based on SLES 10 is in beta and available for trial by emailing there should be a public release by mid spring.

Where: You can find them on the web at or by email and phone at and +1 801-717-3700, +44 (1223) 437134 US headquarters are based in Provo, UT at the Novell campus, EMEA headquarters are based in Cambridge, UK at the Cambridge Science Park.