Call for Participation: Outside HPC

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outsidehpcAfter attending quite a number of high performance/technical computing conferences, one comes to realize that there are really three types of users related to how they utilize HPTC to perform “work.” There are those that think inside the box, those that think outside the box and those that have forgotten that the box ever existed to begin with. If you and your organization fit in the latter categories, we at InsideHPC, want to hear from you.

Beginning this week, InsideHPC would like to feature an interview and short writeup on an individual and/or organization using HPTC to solve unusual problems. Do you have HPC cycles dedicated to finding where you left your keys? Is your big compute tied up with jobs looking for that ever elusive needle in the haystack? If so, we want to hear from you. Following a short email/phone interview, we will post your story to InsideHPC for the world to bask in your greatness.

If you think your HPTC workloads are out of the ordinary, send me a message at john <dot> leidel <at> gmail <dot> com. We’ll get back to you with a series of questions related to what you’re doing and how you’re using HTPC. Please include “Outside HPC” in the subject line just so you don’t end up as spam.