Lustre Over the WAN

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HPCWire is running a story today featuring the announcement from the University Information Technology Services [UITS] at Indiana University that they will now support projects mounting Lustre over high speed wide area networks [such as the TeraGrid].   The group has dedicated 350 terabytes of new storage to the initiative.  Stephen Simms, IU’s Data Capacitor Project Lead, made the announcement during a panel discussion at the 2008 Lustre User Group meeting in Sonoma, California.

Indiana University has had amazing success using Lustre in the last several months,” said Simms. “We’ve shown how the Data Capacitor allows researchers to access, manage, and manipulate massive data sets quickly and easily from remote locations. We are very excited to extend that work and offer a new resource dedicated to wide area collaborations.”

For those looking for a more technical debrief, I suggest you go read the full article here.