Clustercorp Releases Updated Rocks Version 5 Rolls

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clustercorpClustercorp has announced they have officially released their latest set of “rolls” for Rocks version 5 [x86_64]. The following were released today:

.: Intel Developer Roll: Intel C, C++, Fortran compilers; runtime components and developers tools [10.1]

.: PGI Roll: Portland Group’s C,C++, Fortran compilers [v.7.1-6]

.: Cisco-OFED Roll: installs/configures OFED 1.3 Infiniband stack and MPI as provided by the Cisco-OFED 1.3 source and RPMs

.: Absoft Roll: Absoft Pro Fortran v10.1 Compiler Suite and associated libraries

Head over to the Clustercorp website and download the rolls here.

For those looking for commercially supported Rocks, Clustercorp also announced the latest release of their Rocks+ rolls for Rocks version 5. For more info on Rocks+, read the full release here.

Please note that valid licenses are required for several of the aforementioned packages. Licenses can be obtained from the respective developer.