University of Houston Builds 8 Megapixel Viz Theater

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HPCWire: The Texas Learning & Computation Center [TLC2] located at the University of Houston has announced a contract with Mechdyne Corporation to build a 34-seat, 8 megapixel stereographic theater.  The theater, powered by two Sony SXRD projectors, will be available to all academic departments at the University of Houston as well as all UH/TLC2 partners.

While our first generation visualization laboratory was set up as a working space for individuals or small groups, the new theater is designed to provide unique capability for both researchers and developers of rich graphics imagery to share data and images,” said Erick Engquist, manager of the Visualization Laboratory. “In addition to the traditional fields that utilize computer visualization, such as medical imaging, molecular dynamics and geophysical sciences, the theater will enable faculty and students in our schools of architecture and fine arts to share their work in new and exciting ways.”

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