Interactive Supercomputing Beefs Up Management

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interactive_superInteractive Supercomputing has announced that it has added two new executives to its management team.  Formerly an ISC board member, Bill Strecker has now been formally named chief technology officer and former AMD HPC Marketing Director David Rich has been named vice president of marketing.

The semiconductor industry continues to deliver Moore’s Law increases in semiconductor density but architecture and heat considerations severely limit the ability to convert increased density into increased single processor performance. However, customers continue to demand ever higher performance computers,” said Strecker. “The result is that every performance-oriented computer system will be built with large to truly massive numbers of processors. ISC’s vision is to make these systems easily accessible to end users who want to solve their business and technical problems without learning the intricacies of programming and managing these systems.”

Strecker was a former CTO at DEC and Rich helped land several big HPC deals for AMD.

Read the full release here.