Save Your Greenbacks with Grid Computing

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The FactPoint Group, a silicon valley-based research and consulting firm, recently published a whitepaper stating that grid computing techniques will save companies money outside of tangible hardware and software costs.  The report cites a top-5 pharmaceutical giant saving $3.7 million and $3.3 million the first and second years of grid adoption respectively.  The implementation was performed via UnivaUD’s GridMP software suite.  According to the report, the biggest savings came in the form of improved drug screening and decreased product time-to-market.

Tim Clark, partner at The FactPoint Group and author of the paper, said in a statement that “most people make the assumption that grid technology simply replaces hardware, so that’s the main area where ROI gets estimated. But it actually goes way beyond that.

So, who commissioned the study?  Well, UnivaUD did.  However, according to a company spokesperson:

but FactPoint performed the analysis independently. All we did was facilitate the introduction to the project owners at this client. All the data came from the customer, and the analysis results were approved by the customer’s grid team.”

If you’d like to read more about the report, browse the full article here.  For a full text version of the white paper, head over to the UnivaUD’s website here.