Vermont Scores Extra Dough for Super

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The University of Vermont formally announced a new supercomputing project and parntership.  The Vermont Advanced Computing Center [VACC] was built in partnership with NASA with funding secured by Senator Patrick Leahy.  Leahy, a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, today announced an additional $1.7 million directed towards making improvements to the current system.

The VACC is currently managed and administered by a partnership between the College of Engineering and Mathematical Science [CEMS] and the UVM Enterprise Technology systems group.  Their flagship system is a 1,400 processor IBM e1350 cluster rated at 7.1Tflops.

The VACC is critical to helping UVM achieve its goal of being one of the premier small research universities in the nation,” said Daniel Mark Fogel, UVM president. “Having this kind of computing power allows us to address the most complex research challenges of our time and to make significant contributions to the betterment of Vermont, the nation, and the world. We couldn’t be more grateful to Senator Leahy for both his vision and his strong ongoing support of UVM.”

For more info on the work going on at UVM’s VACC, read the full article here.