Ferrari Takes a Look at Windows HPC Server

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Ferrari SpA has announced that it has signed up to test Microsoft’s latest HPC-centric operating system, Windows HPC Server 2008.  Ferrari will utilize the Windows HPC stack to enhance their automotive engineering, design and development.

Ferrari is always looking for the most advanced technological solutions, and of course, the same applies for software and engineering,” said Piergiorgio Grossi, head of information systems at Ferrari. “We are always focused on scouting new technologies that can give us a competitive advantage. Windows HPC Server 2008 is very promising, and the long-lasting collaboration with Ferrari will give directions to develop a fast, familiar, high-performance computing platform for our users, engineers and administrators.”

No mention of whether they will also use it for Formula-1 development activities.  No [prancing] horses were harmed in the writing of this article.

For more info, read the full release at HPCWire here.