JAIST Selects Cray XT5 Compute Platform

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The Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology [JAIST] has announced their selection of the Cray XT5 platform as their latest compute platform.  The new compute will feature Cray’s ECOphlex liquid-cooling technology.  Once installed, the new Cray will add 18.8 Tflops of peak performance to JAIST.

“The new Cray XT5 supercomputer offers an order of magnitude increase in processing power compared to our Cray XT3 system while continuing its excellent scalability features and highly balanced system design, as well as its excellent price-performance,” said Teruo Matsuzawa, Ph.D, director of the JAIST Center for Information Science and manager of JAIST’s supercomputer facility. “Over the past decade, JAIST has built world-class expertise in massively parallel algorithms and applications. The Cray XT5 system will meet our challenging requirements perfectly.”

JAIST’s new XT5 will be used to “to speed advances in the development of new algorithms for highly parallel computers, large-scale simulations and visualization in nanotechnology, biomechanics and a wide range of other scientific disciplines.”

For more info on the new machine, read the full release here.