Mitrionics Announces Hybrid System Based on HP

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Mitrionics has announced announced its MVP610 Hybrid Computing Server accelerated computing system based on the HP ProLiant DL165 server.  The DL165 is a 1U server chassis with a single 2.1Ghz Quad-Core AMD Opteron 2352 CPU.  The Single Socket Accelerated Server will include licensed copies of the Mitrion Virtual Processor [MVP], the XtremeData XD2000 HyperTransport socket-based accelerator and the Mitrion Software Development Kit.

The world of computation is changing for the better,” stated Mike Calise, executive vice president and general manager of Mitrionics, Inc. “The industry has finally arrived at the point where hybrid computing is no longer a million dollar investment. This package is now commercially available, less than $20K, and since we’re solving the programming hurdle for FPGAs, I dare say, easy to use.”

Our own Addison Snell of Tabor Research was even quoted:

We are starting to see increased adoption of accelerators of all types, and the FPGA offerings from Mitrionics might be particularly compelling for applications such as genome informatics or large-scale internet search,” said Addison Snell, VP of Tabor Research. “The fundamental difference for recent FPGA adoption lies in the reduced memory latency handled well by using a socket approach. These emerging, non-traditional application areas represent the highest potential growth in high-performance computing.”

For more info on the new Mitrionics/HP package, read the full article here.